Manicures, Nail Solutions & Services: 

Having great looking nails makes you look, and feel, your best. That is why Bliss Beauty Therapy, Thrapston, offers you professional nail services in a comfortable home environment. 

I offer the following treatments for nails:-

Shellac is a UV 'power' polish that has zero drying time and lasts 14 days without dulling, chipping or fading, whilst helping protect and strengthen your nails. It has the durability of UV gel but without the tell-tale thickness.  It's UV cured so there's no waiting for the polish to dry, it's instantly ready to go.  Great if you want long lasting shine, colour and protection. Shellac comes in a wide range of colours, including clear for a completely natural look and can also be used to create a French manicure.  It's particularly suitable if you struggle to grow your natural nails.  It looks fabulous on toenails too and will last for many weeks - it will even withstand a fortnight on a sandy beach making it the perfect pre-holiday polish. I can't recommend Shellac strongly enough but be warned, it's highly addictive!

Minx are catwalk inspired fashion nail veneers with a host of amazing designs to choose from, loved by celebrities and the fashion conscious. Tailor to compliment an outfit for a special event or just wear for fun. Minx are suitable for finger and toe nails. They last approximately a week on fingernails and typically several weeks on toenails.  For a longer lasting effect Minx can be overlayed with a top coat to improve wearability.

Manicure includes a hand soak, cuticle treatment, shape and OPI nail polish

Luxury Manicure includes a cuticle treatment, hand soak, shape and OPI nail polish plus massage and heated mitts with moisture mask or paraffin wax treatment

Pedicure includes a foot bath, cuticle treatment, shape and OPI nail polish

Luxury Pedicure includes a foot bath, cuticle treatment, massage, heated booties with a moisture mask or paraffin wax treatment, shape and OPI nail polish

Acrylic Enhancements -  using either French or natural tips

Acrylic/UV Gel Overlays - Acrylic or UV gel applied to your natural nails giving strength and shine


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