Tanning Services by Bliss Beauty Therapy, Thrapston: 

Bliss Beauty Therapy, Thrapston operates a fantastic tanning service using an amazing tan solution that gives a very natural looking golden tan - no looking like you've been tango'd here! 

I offer Spray Tanning using Nouvatan's lotions in 8%, 10% or 12% strengths of DHA. 8% is most suitable for fair skins or those requiring a light natural tan effect. 10-12% give progressively darker tanning results and are suitable for darker skin tones.  I also offer Nouvatans new Rapid Tan solution - perfect if you don't have time for 8 hours development or want a tan to go out in tonight, the tan develops in just 2-4 hours.  

The key to a lasting tan is preparation of the skin beforehand and caring for it after application.  In the days leading up to your appointment, exfoliate your skin and apply moisturiser daily.  On the day of the tan I recommend that you exfoliate but do not moisturise your skin.  For best results, shower to remove all make-up perfumes and deoderants beforehand.   

After the tan has been applied it needs 8 hours to fully develop (apart from the Rapid Tan which needs 2-4 hours). During this time don't let the skin become wet (through washing or perspiration) and wear loose fitting clothing which won't rub against the skin and risk removing the tan before it has a chance to properly develop. 

Many people prefer an evening appointment so that they can simply put on a pair of pyjamas and let the tan develop overnight.   Shower off after 8 hours.  Be careful to just pat the skin dry with a towel after showering, don't rub.  Moisturing your skin daily after showering and again in the evening will help the tan last and after 3-4 days gently exfoliate all over the body to help the tan fade evenly.

As an alternative to a spray tan, I also offer  St Tropez Salon Cream Tanning which is a lovely spa-like treatment including full body exfoliation, moisturising and application of the tan by hand - a very relaxing treatment taking approximately 1 1/2 hours. Aftercare is the same as for a spray tan.




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