Waxing Services by Bliss Beauty Therapy, Thrapston: 

Waxing is a great way to keep your body fuzz free for up to 5 weeks. So whether it's party season, or a beach holiday, keep your body buffed with Bliss Beauty Therapy, Thrapston. 

Not all waxes are the same.  I only use the best quality Perron Rigot warm and hot waxes for waxing treatments, widely acknowledged to be the best on the market, as I believe these give the best results and offer maximum client comfort.  Hair should ideally be 5-10 mm long for the best results (3-4 weeks growth).  For sensitive areas such as bikini, underarms and facial waxing, I only use hot wax, never warm (or strip) was as this is far too harsh for such delicate areas. Using hot wax dramatically reduces discomfort and is especially good on short hair. 

Though waxing is not a permanent hair removal system,  regular treatments will make the regrowth noticeably finer and often slower.  For most people, repeat appointments every 4-5 weeks are sufficient.   After waxing avoid swimming, saunas/steam rooms, very hot baths/showers and the use of soap, perfumes or deoderants on waxed areas for 24 hours. Regular exfoliation/dry brushing of the waxed area and moisturising keeps the skin in good condition and helps prevent ingrowing hairs.

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